About Wat Sanghabaramee

Before the Öresund bridge was built, Thais who lived in the south of Sweden usually commuted to Copenhagen to visite the Buddhist temple called Wat Pha Copenhagen. This was a challenge for many as it was time-consuming; therefore, they were unable to do so as frequently as they would like to.

In 2005, a fundraising initiative was started by monks in Wat Pha Copenhagen in order to build a temple in the south of Sweden, and Thai people in Sweden as well as Denmark were involved in this effort. Meanwhile, they were searching for a location to build the temple. They finally found a house in Eslöv in 2006 and the renovation began.

Wat Sanghabaramee was named after one component of the Triple Gem (also known as the Three Refuges), the Sangha. The first two components, the Buddha and the Dharma, had been given to temples in Germany: Wat Buddhabharami in Hamburg and Wat Dhammabharami in Dortmund.

“Three Refuges
1. the Buddha, the fully enlightened one.
2. the Dharma, the teachings expounded by the Buddha.
3. the Sangha, the monastic order of Buddhism that practice the Dharma.”